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  • How do I apply to be a vendor?
    Great question! Please visit our Apply to be a Vendor Page to review our rules, regulations and application requirements.
  • How do I change my vendor information on market pages?
    To change the information that is displayed on market pages, please complete the vendor update form. Your information will be updated within 48 business hours. Note: Requesting an update on the website will NOT update your information in Manage My Market. Please keep your information up to date to insure accurate information from season to season.
  • Can I provide food samples to patrons of the market?
    Yes! Please review the guidelines issued by the department of health for providing safe food samples at the market.
  • Can I "drop in" as a vendor at a market or two?"
    Maybe. Complete the Drop-In Vendor Interest form and we will contact you.
  • I'm a musician or performer. Can I perform at a market?
    We love having musicians and performers at our market! To check for availability, please complete a Performance Inquiry form and we will contact you.
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