Drop-in Vendors

Drop-In Vendors are held to the same code of conduct and regulations as our weekly vendors, but are not required to be members of LVHMC. 
The cost to "drop-in" is $35/day/market.

Drop-In Vendor Interest
Markets interested in attending:

Do you have business Liability insurance and are you willing to add LVHMC to that liability while you are in attendance at the market (if accepted must provide a copy of liability insurance): 

Have you read and agree to the Drop-in information including but not limited to requirements and expectations, acceptable products, Code of Conduct, and Bylaws for LVHMC: Y/N


You understand that the fee is $35/ day/ market for a drop- in vendor and that payment is due at the time of the market: Y/N

Thank you for your interest! We will be in touch soon.